The Monsoon Bassoon: In the Iceman’s Back Garden

This was one listen, though there was a slight pause due to stuff, but… eh.

There’s a lot to get from The Monsoon Basson’s music and I find myself struggling to keep up. I find that their music is stuff that is best spent time with due to a few differing factors, one of which being how they used sound. This was mostly just describing the song and I think I got an idea of how it progresses, and I think that (at least right now) that’s the best I could do.

The Monsoon Bassoon’s “In the Iceman’s Back Garden” is from I Dig Your Voodoo.

I hope you enjoy.

A strum is followed by a series of notes played in a sort of circle. Soon additional sound joins and marks off certain points before percussion and bass come in full. Seemingly menace comes forward, but it could just be curiosity. It could be anything.

Notes continue to move and pulse and mark and pinpoint, and gradually wood wind finds itself coming through, though only in a brief period before all grows louder and seems to start spiking, at least for a moment.

A return to the main passage and vocals now stretch and compress their words. Seemingly something grim comes forward, but it’s not entirely clear. It almost seems vague, but it’s not quite, but it is.

Soon the sounds lift into another space with a bit of heaviness and now a mix of playing forms a bed for the woodwind to flow over and upon. More release and the woodwind is buried among concise noise, but it’s still there, rising, falling and gliding and being stretched whilst much rages around it.

The percussion and woodwind pulls away, as does the bass and guitar continues raging before finding a sudden stop. Another return and vocals draw out over the sounds whilst the woodwind continues its dance. Then suddenly the sounds draw out a great mass of heaving heaviness almost as though a raging storm, and they pound away until they fade out, leaving something that seems scoured. It’s almost bare, and woodwind draws out and various other sounds seem to bubble and cycle underneath, and much of it pulls away, and it all fades out, or at least seems to before it rapidly returns and grows louder.

It all cuts off rather rapidly, however, and the song ends.

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