Kaytan Underae: Big Water, Big Sea

Three listens for this one.

On the first run through I didn’t feel I’d done enough. The second two were me mostly filling things in and maybe this wasn’t the best approach to take, but I think the writing better represents the song than after finishing the first run which was quite flat.

Kaytan Underae’s “Big Water, Big Sea” is from Ecco The Dolphin: Tribute.

I hope you enjoy.

Something akin to bass plays something melancholic and soon it is joined by something akin to stringed woodwind. They seem like they are adrift among a vast space. Behind and around them something atmospheric keeps the expanse there whilst keeping the focus on the sounds. A light percussive strike joins in, forming a greater sense of rhythm.

The melancholy remains and a set of string lifts up whilst the percussion becomes rapid. Sounds echo and seem to churn and urgency comes forward. There is danger and things are uncertain as a body thrashes and turns and becomes massive.

Soon the percussion pulls back but it soon pulls back and more space arrives. Gradually the space becomes more open as more sounds pull away. All grows calm and the strings continue to sound out over a background and for a moment it seems very much at the forefront. It then fades away with what else remains as the song ends.

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