Battles: White Electric

One listen for this one.

I had a bit of difficulty getting this one done and I think I was thinking too much.
This kind of gets an idea of the song across but I feel some of it comes off as looking for words to use rather than letting them come forward.

Battles’ “White Electric” is from Gloss Drop.

I hope you enjoy.

A guitar rings and moves carefully through odd halls. Soon it builds upon itself whilst more sound oscillates and rises to the forefront. Sound pulls away and an image of what was before is left whilst the oscillation continues on and percussion comes striking forward. An intensity is born and the percussion builds, as does the guitar. A sense of space comes through, though a cluttering remains.

The intensity rises but it seems to smooth out and soon things seem to speed up. Pummeling and pummeling until sounds burst open. The percussion drives hard whilst dirty, gritty noise moves with natural angularity. More scattering in the space and more build and shimmering as the sounds rage and thrash forward.

Soon in a clearer form of unison charge onward until they suddenly stop and something more openly joyous comes forward. This is light and seems jolly and it’s a contrast to what came before, but it remains familiar. It feels like a continuation, perhaps as a mirror of what was, or even the same but with layers peeled away, and it is pleasant and provides relief and stays as such as the song ends.

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