The Appleseed Cast: View of a Burning City

One listen for this one.
There was a bit where I started thinking too much and so I tried to let go a bit and the writing smoothed out a bit. I feel like I could’ve written more had I not started thinking about what I was writing, but maybe it worked out for the best.

The Appleseed Cast’s “View of a Burning City” is from Low Level Owl: Volume I.

I hope you enjoy.

Quiet, rushing sound captures a background just before a drone cuts through it all in order to become another part. Noise builds around the drone and it seems to pulse for a moment, and something else rushes on and up toward it, swallowing the drone and taking it away.

The space is cleared and a guitar plays out almost alone. Off in the distance a synth gently emphasises and enunciates, but it too comes toward the forefront. As it does it reveals more of itself and the scenery seems to slow down, if only for a moment.

Percussion bursts in and brings with itself a change. The sounds keep a warm coolness and remain similar to what was before, but there is now a greater range. There is a soaring through a sky, almost. There is a heaviness in the air and it remains steady and growing.

All is focused and maybe fixated. The sound seems to slowly bleed outward and expand, encompassing more and more and it moves slowly, slowly unfolding, unfurling, revealing more of itself and leading into some sort of state of complete covering. Eventually the percussion shifts, seemingly growing into a state of covering some sort of unsteadiness and more noise moves through, and starts disrupting, and a great cry comes forward and heaves and violently thrashes and drones onward.

Eventually much of the sound gives way to the noise. It continues on, harsh and engulfing, but it’s not long before the percussion rises from it and continues its steady beat, getting through the noise stopping and being there as the song ends.

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