Toshack Highway: Board The Bullet Train

Two listens for this one.
At some point during the first listen something clicked and I was able to get a pretty clear image, and maybe that has to do with personal experience. Not sure. Anyway, I felt that a second listen would help and it did.

I feel that this is a bit loose but gets a pretty clear idea of the song across. Some of this could be smoother, but overall it turned out okay.

Toshack Highway’s “Board The Bullet train” is from Toshack Highway.

I hope you enjoy.

A low hum fades in and rises. Something buzzing approaches rapidly and soon they align for something underneath to  lock onto and follow along, or maybe it is the thing that leads. The beat comes in and all is warm and relaxed, and occasionally a quick shimmer appears in the corners, enunciating and adding.

All is now of a smooth and warming harmony, and sounds rise up and sit along and follow and lead, and the beat remains steady. Inside all is still and calm though an elation runs an undercurrent. All seems to remain as such, but outside things disappear at differing speeds. Some is a blur, some is slow and it all marks some sort of passing, and maybe this is all a present future.

The future was yesterday and it is now and it is here and it no longer is the future and there is a contrast between the internal and external, and it all seems to just go on by, drifting and rushing past as motion continues whilst inside there is motion but it all seems static. It is a pocket of space contained within a carriage that moves through a greater space and the greater space leaves impression of what is close and something that feels more specific at a distance, and perhaps it is the same inside the carriage.

The sounds continue on, keeping things relaxed and keeping steady. They drift and linger and remain focused on moving forward. Pulses and blurs align and carry forward with a vague glow of imagery and ideas, and space comes and goes, though it always remains.

Gradually, eventually the sounds work toward a conclusion without a grand build and without doing much slowing and perhaps now there is something more metropolitan in this space. More blurs go on by and soon sounds start peeling away and find themselves stopping, almost as though they’ve pulled in to a station, though it is only a temporary stop at the song’s end.

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