Five-Hundred Word Challenge 1233: Some Thinking About Thinking

Last night I started reading Convenience Store Woman and I finished reading it this morning. I’d come across the book being suggested to someone in a forum a few months ago and decided to add it to my growing list of books to read. Then brought it forward as I saw it was short and I wanted to read a few short books and so… yeah.

I’m not sure as to how engaged I was with the story Convenience Store Woman presents. I got through it pretty quickly and… actually, I guess I was pretty engaged with the story. I didn’t feel it dragged and I thought the way that it was able to get a fair bit across without necessarily saying a lot was appreciable. That aside, the book made me start thinking about thinking a fair bit and so that is what I want to touch on here.

When we talk we don’t always say what we think and sometimes we don’t think at all when we talk, but sometimes we say exactly what we think, though that is often used as an excuse to be assholes as a lot of people who “speak their mind” generally are pretty diplomatic with what they say and see no need to justify it as they’re not saying things in the shittiest way possible, but I digress.

I wonder about how much people’s thoughts translate into a form of communication, and if anything is lost in translation. How many people out there communicate in the same way that they think? Do people who are unable to do so feel some sort of entrapment or frustration due to an inability to articulate their thoughts, or do they not worry about that at all and go on?

Do we think lesser of people who have no internal monologue? I don’t know, but I don’t think that their way of thinking is any less valid than anyone else’s.

For that matter, how often do we treat people differently as we feel that they are not deep or complex thinkers? Do we do so at all, whether consciously or not?

Does someone’s appearance of intent reflect what they want to do, or does it not? Does it reflect what they think, and if so, how often does it reflect what they think?

There are a lot of things to think about thinking, but I think it’s interesting that Convenience Store Woman is making me think more about thinking than I normally would. It makes me wonder about the perception of what people are and are not, and perhaps it means I should think more about that too. Mind you, little of this has to do with the book itself, though maybe it does and maybe that was part of the intention. I don’t know, but I like that this is something that has me thinking more about how other people may or may not think. I think it is a good thing to think about.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 14:30:00

Slower than I thought it would be, but the extra time was worth it, though of course this would be better without worrying about time at all.

Written at home.

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