Five-Hundred Word Challenge 1232: Wednesday Heaviness

Another day where the sound of cicadas stretches through space and I happen to be the recipient, or at least one of the recipients of this gift.

In writing that I find myself now inspired to do a bit of writing outside of this writing and so I need to add this to a list of things that I have so as to be able to remember to write about it, or something.

Anyway, the cicadas are out there, I am here and I am going to be doing quite a lot today… I hope. There is the possibility of me not doing much but I cannot afford that kind of being lazy. The morning isn’t quite young, but the day may be seen as depending on one’s relative view of how time proceeds and so I am here and I will take advantage of what I have been afforded.

Maybe I will not, but I will try.

It is, however, one of those days where “another day, another dollar” applies, but I’d hope to have a bit more than one single dollar left after taxation is applied. One dollar is not enough to survive on in this current climate, though I wish it was. I do wish we didn’t have to worry about earning money to have enough to survive off of basic requirements. I do wish that we could work without worrying about survival. I think that would be great. I think that would lead to a lot of people being in a better position to excel and do things and help further the improvement of the various forms of society.

More inspiration right there, but really this is something that I feel is an issue. It is an issue that a universal basic income is not available to everyone. It is an issue that, in the process of trying to survive, some of us overconsume. Perhaps if we didn’t have to worry about survival we wouldn’t be put into a position where the basic necessities are a constant worry for far too many people. I know I’ve said that already, albeit in a different way, but sometimes it is worth repeating.

It’d probably be a good idea to try and offer more information as to why I think these are good things as stating what I feel is blatantly obvious doesn’t make for much of an argument. However, sometimes that also is the best way to get things across.

Perhaps if there was less stress on trying to survive there’d be more time to appreciate an understand the environment and work toward getting out of, or at least mitigating the disaster that we’ve decided to enter and stay within for some reason. More people working on it means we reduce impact sooner rather than later.

Of course asking for relief from thinking about survival is probably too much for some and so we just keep on doing less than the bare minimum, but that’s life I suppose.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 08:15:42

It’s probably better to have focus when talking about these things.
This is a bit messy. It gest some stuff across but not in a way that’s effective, I feel.

Written at home.

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