Hitoshi Sakimoto: The Middle Layer Area

One listen for this one.
I decided to write about this song a while ago and then put it to the side.
I think I did that as I’m really familiar with the song. Really I shouldn’t have as familiarity can provide its own challenge.

I don’t think I did the best job in capturing the song here. I captured something but overall the song isn’t represented well. Perhaps more where it plays in what it’s featured.

I also think that I need to work on expanding my writing as this feels limited in a way that’s detrimental.

Hitoshi Sakimoto’s (崎元 仁) “The Middle Layer Area” (“中層区街”) is from Breath of Fire V: Dragon Quarter‘s soundtrack, Breath Of Fire V – Dragon Quarter: Original Soundtrack. The soundtrack was also released as part of Breath of Fire Original Soundtrack Special Box a soundtrack collection of the soundtracks for Breath of Fire I through to V.

I hope you enjoy.

Keys move delicately along a cold and ruined surface. They pause, something rains down, almost like light. There’s a shimmering, like a shattering when they do and it carries through the air. After the second pause the ruined surface expands and seems to slope into a sense of hopelessness. Forms of sound move above it, broken, dusty, desolate and all draws out, looking through the murk.

Eventually some of that hopelessness lifts and something a little lighter and more overtly sad appears. Keys flicker and strings move with more motion, and there’s a stillness in this moment; there’s motion and liveliness, but there is emptiness. There’s a reaching for something beyond but it comes to an end and a return to the start comes in.

Space is apparent at first which is then consumed once more by the murkiness as sounds move in turn and align in places, trying to find their way through and eke out their existence.

Once more a lifting comes in and once more the sounds connect and rise with each other. They reach out and this space sees keys dance delicately whilst the strings looks for answers in the stillness.

Once more a space for keys to flicker and the strings come in again soon after, pushing down, and once more that pause before looping. Once more all is back in place, but it fades out before continuing on too long and the song ends.

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