Spencer Nilsen: Motion E

One listen for this one.
I fell behind a little as I was focusing on the wrong thing here. I think I was trying to cover all the sounds in the song and it ended up affecting the overall quality as I suddenly had to catch up but slowed down again and… yeah.

Spencer Nilsen’s “Motion E” is from “Ecco: Songs Of Time“, an album compiling re-recorded songs from the first two Ecco the Dolphin games.

I hope you enjoy.

Something akin to whale song carries from a distance, and soon strings draw long whilst a gentle percussive sound marks itself out, almost counting and logging. Something that might be dolphin is briefly heard but all that is taken over by the strings as they grow in sound.

There’s soon an extra plinking that could be guitar and it’s not long after that that the strings grow full and synth reveals itself more openly, and it’s as though all is spreading outward and revealing something grand and majestic.

There is space found once more and the synth moves and weaves its way around the space, and it seems a deep darkness keeps vision focused on the main sounds. Once more the strings rise and everything spreads out, and perhaps there is a longing here. Perhaps there is a sadness, but there could also be a happiness. There could be a joy and a relief.

Once more there grows the quiet and once more there is space and seemingly a shift in sound, though once more most remain as was and keep their pattern and flow going. Once more all spreads out and the synth is higher in its pitch, and it seems to be calling out to the sounds that started this all off, but there is no response and it all grows quiet as the song ends.

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