Jesu: Veiled

I think I was trying to cover a few different things when I wrote this and it kind of worked. I feel that this could use a lot of refinement, however. It’s a bit lacking and doesn’t say enough about the song

Jesu’s “Veiled” is from Duchess / Veiled EP. Specifically it is the alt version on the EP.

I hope you enjoy.

A low rumbling leads into a steady movement of bass, percussion and a dreamy sound floating above. This space seems open and closed, and it drifts upon fragile currents. Vocals come in and echo out as they make clear statements, and soon they stop for guitar to come in.  The percussion and bass line up and the rhythmic flow provides a contrast. It seems a release from what was before a darker moment.

This does not last long and soon it is back to vocals and the vocals echo out in a stark rhythmic session whilst the dream continues on. The guitar then returns and it’s more release and openness. Perhaps its focus and conviction in looking forward, or maybe it’s a melancholic spread. The vocals move in here, less echoing and perhaps more melodic and fragile and seem to express a mournfulness, but soon this too comes to a stop.

Almost silence as a thought is held, then instrumentation changes gear and seems to look inward. A pulsing of sorts whilst dreamy sound drifts onward and keeps its melancholic gentleness. The space is there and it seems a reflection of what came before. The sounds all flow with focus and intent, and soon they reach their finishing point as the song ends.


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