SeaLife Park: Trifecta

One listen for this one.

Something that kept popping into my mind when I was writing this was the idea of a candle flame in a dry and dark space. At the same time I was getting imagery of lying in a park along The Sydney Coastal Walk, watching clouds drift out to the ocean. I’m not sure if I captured any of that well as I tried to talk mostly about the instrumentation.

Overall this feels very much like a loose impression of the song, and I think that’s fine.

SeafLifePark’s (aka Sea Life Park; I’m not sure which is correct) “Trifecta” is from SeaLifePark.

I hope you enjoy.

Emptiness and space. Soon guitar comes in and sways back and forth. A lingering hum appears for a moment and stops the moment percussion strikes. Some pause and the hum comes back with the percussion. And disappears.

The guitar dips for a moment before the percussion becomes more steady and vocals murmur words. And percussion disappears again, and comes back again. The guitar stops swaying and prepares to stand firm. The hum returns as something else that moves with the guitar and slightly seems to rise from it, but the space does not fill much and all seems quiet.

The vocals return and the hum softens a little, and soon the vocals disappear and the guitar sways once more. This is a return to the main passage, but there’s a bit more percussion and interplay between sounds.

The guitar lifts once more and grows lively, or at least lively relative to what it was before, and the sounds interact with each other. It seems as though there’s a question being asked and said question is surrounded by uncertainty, but at the same time there’s a strong sense of the relaxed and carefree, but the space creates a thick veil that shifts as required. It’s something warm but also cold, if only a little.

The sounds begin to settle and once more; the implication of nothingness is there, but then guitar and percussion return. They stretch out and echo in peace, waving with prominence and quiet and the implied nothingness becomes clear as its own hum, growing louder and perhaps warmer.

The guitar and percussion move in and out from quiet and loud and echo out on the new hum, and it seems to push on forward and outward, but it’s all gentle and pleasant and calm. It’s warm and relaxing.

Soon the hum stops. The last few notes of guitar curl outward and percussion gently laps at the space as all grows quiet and the song ends.

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