Nubya Garcia: Source

I was thinking a fair bit about what I was writing early on, but as the song progressed I sort of let go of that. I don’t think that quite came through, but I like the result here. It’s rough; it feels like a sketch, but I think it works in at least capturing some of the song.

Nubya Garcia’s “Source” is from SOURCE.

I hope you enjoy.

Bass steps into a firm strike and the sounds unfurl. The bass remains steady, percussion lively and keys seemingly glistening. A moment of easing back and saxophone moves about, helping smooth the edges whilst taking a firm position.

A slight stepping elsewhere for a moment before the sounds continue their interplay, moving with a grace and ease. Another slight stepping and this new realm holds space and quiet.

Here the instruments seem to have separated, or at least moved away from each other. There is space and there is distance, but they soon move toward each other once more. There was a calm and now a liveliness builds. It continues on and it transforms into something that seems stressed, but maybe it is release.

It’s as though a history is being told and it keeps going, but instead of an explosion it suddenly shifts back to a something calm, but it doesn’t feel awkward. It is gentle and smooth and it makes sense.

In this new space the percussion, bass and piano continue their movement in steps and strides and slides, and some of it floats and some of it walks. Once more there’s a build as the keys continue moving and about and around everything, striking out but never attacking. The percussion bursts gently and seems to pulse whilst the bass keeps itself steady without staying still.

Once the saxophone returns that liveliness dissipates, but not entirely. Seemingly a question is put forward, or maybe it is a statement. It’s not definitive, but the sounds are, and they echo that slight stepping as they close and the song ends.

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