Yasunori Mitsuda: Corridors of Time

Two listens for this one which helped a lot as I felt pretty stumped writing this.
“Corridors of Time” is quite straightforward but also perhaps not. Regardless, I think this is a bit of music that stumped me due to too its familiarity. Not yet skilled enough to write about it in a way that captures it in a way that doesn’t feel stilted and messy, I think.

Yasunori Mitsuda’s (光田 康典) “Corridors of Time” (“時の回廊”) is from Chrono Trigger‘s soundtrack, Chrono Trigger Original Sound Version.

I hope you enjoy.

A sense of lofty peace opens before a quick flourish leading to more peaceful sounds, but with more of a sense of the grand and the magical. Otherworldly in a sense. Through the sound there is space and wonderment as percussion continues moving in light layers. A brief rise of something that could be voice or strings and that earlier flourish returns, or at least its origin and it moves along the rhythm and the flow, marking moments that carry on toward a destination.

Another flourish and once more that thing that could be strings or could be voice returns. It is higher and loftier than the other sounds and there is something that seems unreachable about this. There is something that seems highly ideal, and maybe perfect. There is something beautiful about all of this.

The space and sounds continue their interplay onward and they keep carrying the atmosphere as all grows quiet as the song ends.


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