Dub Trio: En Passant

This is one that I considered doing… last week, I think. It’s a song that has been part of my review playlist for a while but I had no intention to write about it as it was more there to remind me to go back to the album “En Passant” is from. Anyway, decided to write about it, forgot, then threw myself into it just now.

I think the writing here is a little too focused on covering the sounds but there’s other stuff in there too and that’s something I like. The language is rigid but there’s more of a flourish in terms. Maybe.

Dub Trio’s “En Passant” is from IV.

I hope you enjoy.

A rhythmic pounding almost as though a heartbeat breaks all ideas of silence. Soon its harshness is joined by guitar that strikes in alignment. The guitar slides in two brief moments but remains almost muted, lurking, looking ready to strike.

More percussion comes in and the guitar seems to rise. A slight pause for guitar and now the menacing strike moves forward. The sounds seem to cycle onward before finding another shift. Bass becomes more audible and rhythmically strides forward with the percussion. Various echoes and slight sidesteps come in whilst the rhythm remains uncompromising.

A suddenly cut and buzz before returning to the rhythmic focus, and then another one, seemingly pulling the whole thing away but it returns. Another as a moment of celebration and it goes back, but the guitar locks back in and suddenly the sound launches forward and crunches and crushes.

Escalating sound of sliding menace and heftiness, great grit, escalating and rising and its aggressive and violent and controlled.

The opening returns, just as guitar before bass and percussion lock in. The guitar elevates, seemingly stretches and is as though an elongating terror. It seems like it’ll disintegrate at any moment, and noise gets into the space and bubbles until the guitar returns to the rhythmic chug until all sounds stop at the song’s end.

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