Retro Remix Revue: Chrono Trigger – Secret of the Forest

I thought it would be interesting to write about a cover of a song I’d written about before.
I think in some ways this bit of writing is better and worse. It captures the cover fine enough but I described what was happening too much. This version keeps a lot of the original’s feel whilst doing its own thing in places so I could’ve gone more into imagery here. Alas.

Retro Remix Revue’s “Chrono Trigger – Secret of the Forest” is from Retro Remix Revue, Vol. 2. It’s an album of covers from various game soundtracks. This probably doesn’t need saying, but the original “Secret of the Forest” (“樹海の神秘”) is from Yasunori Mitsuda (光田 康典) who did the soundtrack for Chrono Trigger.

I hope you enjoy.

Gentle sound carries an air of mystery. Something begins smoothly moving in the background, and soon woodwind seems to carry on a calm breeze through a cool and calm space. Percussion is light and remains as such keys sounding like piano shine and shimmer.

Strings draw out and also move smoothly, and seem to spread throughout the space. Bass is more audible now, picking moments to move and the percussion has gained more detail. The piano returns for a moment, then suddenly a rising upward and the sounds spread out with a sense of beauty whilst remaining gentle.

Space for a moment. Keys and bass seem to dance and find a stillness. Percussion returns and joins in and they move around each other before returning to the main melody.

The sounds move forward with a coolness and soon the keys grow become lively. They move about, flickering and fluttering among the sounds, moving rapidly and slowing in parts, but only for brief moments. The other sounds grow in their liveliness and fill out, and soon they spread out once more. They keys continue their motion here and there in this space of beauty, and align before it’s just the bass and piano dancing once more. Then the strings and percussion join in and flow with grace as the song ends.

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