Principles of Geometry: Bethanie

I think that when I was writing this I was trying to capture the song and little else. At points I tried to be a bit more in the moment and switch off a little but I wasn’t able to do so. I think I did a good job of describing the song, but the writing is a bit rigid.

Principles of Geometry’s “Bethanie” is from Burn the Land & Boil the Oceans.

I hope you enjoy.

Layers of warmth overlay each other into one singular moment. They lap at a shore as dawn begins, or maybe it is at dusk. Bass marks points and slowly moves, enunciating the sound and texture, and a calm overlays everything. Maybe it is a calm from peace.

The sounds seemingly stretch and morph a little whilst continuing the melody and the ambience, though seemingly more as an idea. A more muted synth comes in and it is brighter and more prominent than the other sounds, and it rings out, starting high and moving low. It is a little livelier but it feels slow. It repeats and loops and eventually it fades away, or at least it moves into itself and stretches out as at the edges, framing the scene and underscoring the mood.

Once more the muted synth comes out and all is at ease and gentle. It is tranquil in a sense; it is relieving. It is a pleasant moment that dispels intensity, and it remains as the muted synth disappears and the other sounds warp once more, seemingly as an implication of the melody that has carried them to the song’s end.

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