Principles of Geometry: Ize

One listen for this one and it felt like it went by slowly.
I tried to stick to just describing the song and I think I succeeded with that. I didn’t go in with the idea of focusing on just description but it’s what came forward and… yeah.

Principles of Geometry’s “Ize” is from Burn the Land & Boil the Oceans.

I hope you enjoy.

Static air whilst a voice stolidly lists off numbers. The beat enters as does a synth and they remain steady. Perhaps tense. Terse in a sense. The static and numbers disappear as a bass line comes in and the percussion gains a bit of a shuffle. Electronic-sounding vocals say words, or at least imply words.

The tension is a little lesser here, but it remains. It suddenly splits open, however, as the synth launches and oscillates quite rapidly. The bass is thicker, the beat steady and the numbers return. The electronic vocals come in again and seem to warp a little.

There’s space and control here but there’s also a sense of chaos and fullness. It’s a menacing moment and it seems overwhelming.

Soon all drops back and just the electronic vocals and some faint static remain. Then the beat returns with the bass and another synth is there, oscillating with a firm looking forward and a slight sense of success. But then it’s just the bass and percussion left to a meanness that stays direct. The electronic vocals come in once more for a few brief utterances and ti seems all is set to disappear, and it minimalises and stops at the song’s end.

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