Five-Hundred Word Challenge 1242: The Light and the Place it Could not Touch

Somewhere frozen and warm is a place where no light can touch as the light does not have hands and we’re not going to use the metaphorical or symbolic here, for now is the time of the blandest story of all time.

Anyway, the light could not touch this place and so all the light could do is watch whatever happened there. It tried to reach out but its ack of limbs and controllable articulation meant that it had no choice other than to be frustrated, assuming the light could be frustrated at all.

The place was quite happy about this as it found the light to be really fucking annoying and so it went about its business, greeting the people, or it would if it had a mouth and was able to talk. Of course this is assuming that it had any thoughts at all. Really I’m just giving some things some personification, but that’s not something I’m going to discuss as it doesn’t make sense to right now.

Anyway, the place got on with its life and it remained quite happy that the light was unable to touch it. It enjoyed the fact that the light had no limbs and it enjoyed the fact that it was always t here and yet always at a distance. The light did not enjoy this and so wanted to complain to whomever it could, but having no mouth the light was unable to complain to anyone.

One was there, frustrated, whilst the other was quite joyous. Why did the place the light could not touch enjoy this? I cannot say. Perhaps there was a bad customer interaction at some point and that had a negative impact on it and that customer was the light, though of course this is assuming that they once had lives that were different to their current states of existence. I doubt they did, but maybe they did.

Anyway, if they did then the light was an annoying customer that wouldn’t fuck off and leave the place alone. It would continue to ask questions it already knew the answer to, try to get specials that had ended and complain about there not being enough of what they wanted, in part due to buying all the stock in that particular place and refusing to go a few stores over to get some more.

So the place was happy to have the light at a sense of distance, unable to be as present as it wanted to be. It rejoiced and it reveled in this but the light would have the last laugh.

The light was from the sun and eventually the sun would start expanding, consuming all and leaving nothing behind. It would finally take vengeance on its being held back, even though there was no vengeance to be had, but it could not accept responsibility for its own actions or lack thereof and so it engulfed all it could in the name of getting an expired promotion.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 07:54:08

This is absolutely silly trash. However, there is some meaning in it. Maybe some annoyance too.

Written at home.

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