Dub Trio: Noise

I feel like what I did here was engage in an exercise of trying to keep up rather than covering the song. The writing covers it well enough, but it could say so much more. It likely has to do with my unfamiliarity, but at the same time I think that, had I known the song better I would’ve been thinking about what to write too much.

Dub Trio’s “Noise” is from IV.

I hope you enjoy.

Sounds pummel and stop and a guitar seems to crest and screech and slowly fray and fade. Suddenly it is cut and a high pitched buzz rings out. Then groove comes in and strikes angles.

Light guitar before more grooving and angled striking, chugging and thrashing. Another pulse of noise and it’s brief and the guitar squeals as percussion and bass pound away before moving into a frenetic state before halting once more.

Something seems to be sawed and all that is left is murmured sound before the instruments rise again. More pounding away, a seeming meanness from sounds firmly locked into each other. There’s a slight release and a slight more looseness before a few more sudden strikes, though not as full as before and soon after the song ends.

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