Five-Hundred Word Challenge 1246: Dragons in Reality

Cold morning, don’t care. Gotta go look at places. Gotta go see new faces.

What am I writing here?

So anyway, I think that it’s time to be real: Dragons could totally exist within a contained space of reality so long as the rules and regulations on how things are changed in some manner. Then again, maybe they couldn’t need to and all that dragons would need to do is be small enough so as to be able to fit within the functions of how we perceive reality.

They don’t even need to breathe fire or some kind of tomfoolery.

So they could exist and then we’d have them around but there’s a good chance that there would be a division between us and them as we clear stuff away and they likely wouldn’t want to live in a cold and uncaring concrete jungle of sorts. There’s a good chance that they’d much rather be nowhere near us… until they discover all the food and waste that we leave behind and then start scavenging all that stuff.

Then they’d be pests and because we’d treat them as pests rather than the creatures that are trying to survive that they are, it’d be fine to kill them off or try to control and heavily regulate them. They could be treated as an inconvenience in this particular scenario and we really would.

Of course the dragons would lurk at the fringe where human civilisation and the idea of wilderness meet, though some would live in the cracks, nooks and crannies of the urban space and they’d go through dumpsters and whatnot in the search for food as it would be an easy source as a lot of food is found in rubbish.

Of course we’d not be happy with that as food that isn’t used must be thrown out and so we’d set up traps and deterrents and work toward forcibly removing the dragons. We’d also continue to expand outward and they’d keep moving away, or at least some of them would.

Some people would accept dragons as something they have to deal with and be okay with that due to not having much of a say in the matter and some would keep them as pets. However, a lot of people would treat them as the pests they are, and why wouldn’t they? After all, it’s our space that the dragons are encroaching upon; they need to go back to the forests and wherever else they live. Hanging around the cities and the suburbs, getting food and spreading across in an uncontrollable way is totally unacceptable!

So of course there would be a reaction to this as dragons are seen as cute by some and just trying to live their lives so therefore because we see value in their aesthetic appeal they might get some protection in some places. Maybe.

You never know with these things. Sometimes they go in ways that are completely unexpected, but no one wants pest dragons.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 08:19:72

Clunky in places but I really like this bit of writing.
It came out really easily. I think I stopped at some points but overall it was just a really smooth writing process.

Written at home.

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