Five-Hundred Word Challenge 1251: Rambling About Sound

So here we are with the sound of buzzing at some distance. Someone is doing some work and that’s okay. That is fine. Wish it would stop but it’s not mine to control… at least, not yet anyway.

Trying to think of something that I can say that has some sort of profound statement contained within a completely non-profound statement, but I’ve got nothing. I’ve got no one thing to provide that would cover that, but maybe if I try hard enough I will.

Assuming there is enough time in the universe, of course.

The sounds of people outside can be heard and they seem happy, and if they are I wonder as to how much of that happiness is a moment in time that will be forgotten soon. I wonder how long they will carry that happiness with them, or even if they are feeling anything remotely close to a sense of happiness. I could be misinterpreting what I am hearing. I need to bear that in mind.

Sometimes we hear things and we interpret them in some way and that could be shaped by many things, of course, but I wonder as to how much we think about how we interpret things and how likely they are to represent the actual going on of whatever it is that that sound is coming from. There are some things that have an obviousness to them and there are some things that don’t, and with that said that obviousness could throw us off by far more than I’d ever want to admit.

It’s interesting that sound can make us think about certain things in certain ways and also how it can make us summon imagery into our minds. In a way it helps to provide an idea about reality but of course there need to be assumptions in place in order to have said idea or ideas.

Sound is interesting in a lot of ways.

I feel like I’ve run out of things to say about sound because what else can I say about it being interesting? Other than quite a lot of things, of course.

I could talk about how it creates imagery and how it fills our ears with various moods and all that stuff, but really all I’m doing is saying things I’ve said multiple times. I mean, sure, there’s a deep dig that I could go on, but sound is best experienced heard more than it is read about idf you have to pick one way to experience it. Of course it is best experienced both ways and it all depends on how you want to experience sound.

Personally I don’t want to experience it, or maybe I do. No wait; how I want to experience sound is by hearing and reading about it both at the same time and at different times and all that stuff.

Anyway, sound is a thing that exists and it helps us understand and assume things, and that’s a good thing.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 07:44:59

I struggled with this one. I think I got too into the idea of writing about sound and how it makes us assume things but instead of properly expanding on it I just kind of went “Well, I can’t say much about this” and then waffled on.

Written at home.

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