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Shaped by Erosion

I saw this on one of my recent coastal walks. Found it interesting, hence my taking of the photo. Not often I get to see erosion lead to something as clear as this. It was nice and I hope to … Continue reading

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A Poem About a Grim Situation

Not the happiest thing I could’ve written, but it’s what I felt most strongly writing about and so… yeah. Needs a lot of work to read well, but it’s another thing where I feel I get the point across. I … Continue reading

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Midnight Oil: Antarctica

Midnight Oil are a band that I’m quite fond of. I’ve listened to them not anywhere near as much as I’d like, but perhaps more than I believe. “Antarctica” is a song I listened to quite a lot whilst I … Continue reading

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Japan, Then Burwood Dream

I’d flown into Japan and I was wandering around somewhere. I was talking to either one of my brothers or a former housemate; I’m not sure. We were talking about visiting a mountain that I remember dreaming of a few … Continue reading

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Radiohead: A Moon Shaped Pool Review

So I’ve been trying to get a review done for A Moon Shaped Pool for a while now but I haven’t had much luck, so I’ve decided to try and power through it right now whilst listening to a Blind … Continue reading

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