nenem: Taiga

This one was a challenge. Early on I stopped as I wanted to see if the style of vamp the song uses has a name. It has a particular feel and Rush used a similar one during some performances of “La Villa Strangiato” and I’m fairly certain I’ve heard it used outside of Rush and nenem. My search was quite short and lazy and so I didn’t find out.

Anyway, the challenge mostly came from keeping up as I was trying to get down more than I could. That said, I think I covered the song pretty well, albeit in a sloppy way. This could’ve been tighter.

nenem’s “Taiga” (“グストーゴフの森“) is from Cool Dawn Place.

I hope you enjoy.

Quick roll and into a bass and percussion vamp. It drives with energy, almost intense and yet low and calm. Keys enter, seemingly floating along whilst keeping with the pace. it’s a gentle contrast, even as percussion strikes out a bit more in places.

Suddenly the percussion gets busier and everything flourishes in sound. Guitar appears and rings out with the keys, whilst sounding like a shimmering crash as it rings outward. The keys keep their rhythm but become busier and play this quick bursts as a counterpoint.

It all ends and it’s just the bass in space. Something seems to whir and then the other instruments come back, but a bit softer. The energy is still there but there’s space. Guitar is squealing whilst the keys flutter about. Soon it all becomes full again and the unison becomes apparent; the sounds are locked into each other and remain feeling fluid.

Once more it all stops and it’s the percussion that has a moment. It is rapid, or busy, but feels slow in a sense. Once more the other instruments come in and play something that reaches more for the emotional, and perhaps it is a moment of breathing. It feels like some sort of slow release, and the song seems to slow down a bit more. The percussion then lets out one last strike that it trails off from. The other instruments follow suit and create something lighter, happier and perhaps beautiful as the song ends.

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