Anamanaguchi: Power Supply

Had a rough start to this one but eventually got a feel, or at least I think I got a feel for what was going on.

Just realised I could’ve written about how the song powers up and winds down, making the title pretty appropriate. Didn’t. Kept things relatively brief but could’ve written some things differently.

Anamanaguchi’s “Power Supply” is from Power Supply.

I hope you enjoy.

A sound moves about rapidly between a few notes. The beat starts building and stomps away, and soon bass joins. A brief pause and then the sounds charge forward without necessarily altering their speed.

There’s something smooth and gliding in this and fun, and maybe there’s a bit of guitar in here as well. There’s a slight pause of sorts where the sounds sort of throw their hands up in the air as a celebratory thing before they get back to their gliding smoothly.

The sounds charge forward in unison; some electronics sort of rise up in parts and then they stop again for a moment with a bit more space before getting back on with it, and they keep moving between these shifts, alternating a little here and there.

The electronics offer extra details as they follow the rhythm, almost looking to draw attention to themselves rather than the melody. They dance and fly whilst everything else charges along, but they don’t quite feel separate, and so this sense of harmony continues as the sounds fade out and the song ends.

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