Anamanaguchi: Dawn Metropolis

Two listens for this one, in part due to being a bit slower this afternoon than I was this morning.

I struggled a bit with this one. The struggling came down to listening to this and trying to work if there was anything beneath the surface, as the song seems really shallow. That’s fine; I think it’s a nice bit of fun, but it has potential to offer more and it doesn’t seem to do so.

Essentially I got caught up on something that perhaps I shouldn’t have and so I ended up writing something that was really clunky. It does cover the song but I can see where I could have done better.

Anamanaguchi’s “Dawn Metropolis” is from Dawn Metropolis.

I hope you enjoy.

A waking energy comes through. It’s the heralding of the hustle and the bustle and the sounds ride smooth as they travel forward. Electronics glide along the rhythm and there’s something warmly celebratory about all of this. Something really joyful.

A drop away leaving one sound before everything comes back in and continues on. The rhythm remains steady and all seems cool and busy. More of the space and scene is revealed and it’s easy to take in. This section seems to ooze cool.

Something cuts in and out and melody is rich and it continues on. All remain steady and focused and keep pushing for fun and joy. A brief flicker before continuing on once more.

Until it doesn’t. Until it stops and leaves electronics to pulse and reveal something grandiose. Other sounds come in and and once more they all return to a state of the celebratory. Here everything becomes grand and massive whilst remaining small. It’s busy and its looking ahead but its firmly in the moment. It’s of now.

More flickering as all others are held in motion, seemingly ready to go ahead once more but before anything else happens the sounds stop and the song ends.

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