Bark Psychosis: Pendulum Man

I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into when I wrote this and I probably could’ve written so much more but I spent too much time listening as much as I could to what was going on and too much time trying to think about what to write.

At the same time I feel I would’ve gone too far into nonsense had I not. Need to strike that balance.

Bark Psychosis’ “Pendulum Man” is from Hex.

I hope you enjoy.

A guitar plays into a space, seemingly with an accompanying hum. Maybe it is a dull pulse that fades in and out that is joining the guitar as it continues with its steady motion. Regardless, it plays into silence until something synth-like starts moving in and around, almost cradling and comforting with a melancholy.

Another guitar, or at least what could be one starts plucking away and it’s almost like water dripping. Both of these form rhythm and between them the synth moves through. Soon something starts rising, if only in brief moments and more dripping comes through.

Space, beauty and grace, and a calm. Maybe an acceptance. A distance. A sense of distance spreads itself out and it is almost as though being there, but not being present. Bass follows the guitars and pulses until it pulses no more. The guitars also pull away and the synth seems to free itself. It spreads out and expands and expresses a joy.

Underneath a low sound of what came before lightly touch and it’s refreshing. There is something that seems to reach out and move in great moves, dancing through the space and maintaining a continuous form and it keeps on going. It lifts heaviness and it releases and the calm remains.

Soon sounds shift and sharpen slightly, but it is only for a moment. It is a moment that repeats and the sound of what came before respond in kind, just like it had beforehand. Eventually it lets out a slight flourish and that which was moving now compresses into a continuous moment. The guitar continues to sound out and keys reveal themselves in the cleared space. They move carefully and delicately, but also with confidence. They step through and along with the guitar, providing comfort and certainty. It walks into a space of nothingness and slowly presence seems to return in this moment of beauty, and all is still and in motion, but there is no rush and so the sounds continue on until their final moments at the song’s end.

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