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Blatherskite: …And You Thought You’d Die Alone

This one took two listens and it helped as I fell behind early and kind of caught up but skipped a good chunk to do so. I also was able to fill out some parts a little more. At the … Continue reading

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Nightmare Ocean Sings and Weeps

This is a photo I took last week. I went to La Perouse to take photos of birds and instead took photos of waves breaking on a rock platform. There were other photos too, such as yesterday’s one and most … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 1156: A Moment of Trying to get Motivated

Having one of those moments where I realise I need to start powering through everything as quickly as I can as I don’t have much time as I’m starting work a bit later today and so if I don’t start … Continue reading

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