Blatherskite: …And You Thought You’d Die Alone

This one took two listens and it helped as I fell behind early and kind of caught up but skipped a good chunk to do so. I also was able to fill out some parts a little more.

At the time I wasn’t actively aiming for anything in particular but in hindsight I think I was trying to use describing what was happening in the song as a way to describe scene. I think. Didn’t completely work but now that I’m thinking about what I wrote I’m also thinking about Spirits of the Air, Gremlins of the Clouds. Should watch that again.

Blatherskite’s “…And You Thought You’d Die Alone” is from Where The Wasteland Ends.

I hope you enjoy.

A disembodied voice stretches out and fades just as percussion, guitar and bass play dry. The voice fades in and out, seemingly different and seemingly changing.

There is an expanse and it is open and sparse. More guitar comes in and seems to rise up from the scenery in a way that does not unfurl but still seems to grow and strike out. Somewhere among it all a calmer, more recognisable voice finds itself also stretching, having come from the previous disembodiment, though it remains buried and almost distant. Almost vague.

A sudden halt and change; bass and percussion remain drivers but there is more of a sense of rhythm. Another stringed instrument seems to hover and glow and shine and fade in a distance whilst dancing on the rhythm. There’s almost a conclusiveness and acceptance and the landscape changes. It seems to move to a night and a darkness falls over everything. Voices gather and chant and soon the bass falls away. The percussion continues its steady, almost calm yet driven striking and when it stops, one voice is left in a silence, signaling a farewell as the song ends.

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