The Oscillation: Visitation (Exit)

One listen for this one.

I started off trying to work with imagery more than anything, but I think I was trying to use imagery to describe how the song progressed. I think some of that came forward, but not as much as I’d have liked.

I was also hoping to get imagery across that related to how I first heard this song. Part of it was set to footage of what could be Bathyphysa conifera which I saw many years ago. I think I saw this by chance somewhere around 2012 or 2013; I’m not entirely sure. If curious, the footage can be found here. Anyway, that didn’t quite come across in this writing.

The Oscillation’s “Visitation (Exit)” is from Out Of Phase.

I hope you enjoy.

A wind gently whips at something and something low lurks among the cover it provides. Other forms appear in the vagueness of the wind and they too are vague. They are indistinct, though their forms are recognised as something familiar. At the same time they are formless and trying to organise themselves into shapes, though it may be that they already have form and are rising to become more distinct.

The sounds are a pool somewhere deep and they create an atmosphere of their own. There is a sun rising and its light is piercing through a thick miasma and some things seem to race off before coming back.

Through it all a light repeating percussion and an electronic sound moves about in a loop. Soon the percussion fills out more and another electronic sound follows the first. Another sound finds itself in there, following the others. Something higher pitched looks and lurks through, seemingly searching for something.

Soon bass comes in and plays careful. More sounds appear and rise and come to the forefront, filling out an expanse of sorts whilst one of the previous sounds slowly morphs whilst remaining in shape.

More percussive sounds come to the forefront and movement continues onward. A groove holds and all find themselves in a state of clarity. Something far back calls out as space is made, and a few glimpses of what is calling out are possible, though it is difficult to tell if it is something large or small.

Slow the sounds move around and with a grace unexpected. They ride a groove and soon much dissipates. Percussion spaces itself out whilst much seems flat and level. Soon some things return whilst the percussion seems to stagger whilst trying to move onward.

A pause as something seems to move on past and the percussion finds its footing once more and moves with a little more speed. There is no urgency, but there is a need to keep on moving forward. Sounds stretch out, whilst others build more on the atmosphere that was previously established. However, all soon crash into each other and a shattered rotation is left whilst an electronic sound moves about in a loop, and it continues until it all suddenly stops before the song ends.

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