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A Poem About A Yawn

I threw this together a lot faster than a good portion of the scraps of rough poetry I’ve written. It’s almost lazy but I feel it works well enough. Just a simple thing that I threw together. It’s not fantastic; … Continue reading

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Masayoshi Soken: Limitless Blue

I kind of threw myself into this one. There isn’t much going on in it and I imagine that was the intent. This is something I don’t often like writing about as I tend to get a bit stuck but … Continue reading

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A Series of Falls

I’m pretty sure the water for these is cycled from a lower point, but I haven’t done enough looking into it and so I can’t give a solid confirmation. Anyway, when I took this photo I was thinking only of … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 1160: Thinking About Frogs

Sitting here like a frog, but I don’t quite know how frogs sit. I have an idea but that is merely an idea; I don’t know how they sit. How do frogs sit? Do they sit the same way on … Continue reading

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