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Paint Portrait

I started this in May whilst dealing with some lingering effects from COVID-19. I’d been wanting to resume MS Paint Masterpieces and so I decided the best time was whilst still feeling crappy. Most of this was done then; I … Continue reading

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Kayo Dot: Blasphemy: A Prophecy

This one took two listens. I felt there wasn’t enough said after the first time around so I spent the second one filling out the parts I thought were lacking the most. The result is something that’s not necessarily good, … Continue reading

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A Poem About Shapes Moving Across the Sky

Just a quick and rough one. I like the imagery of this as well as the lack of knowing. Well, the idea of not knowing what something is or why it is doing what it is doing. I think I … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 1164: Thinking About Stuff

I think that perhaps doing another speed challenge is not the best thing to do at this particular juncture but I feel like doing it for some reason. Perhaps I’m just too stubborn or something. Anyway. I think about the … Continue reading

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One Thousand Word Challenge 194: A Fishing Day Ends

They sat there and they fished, and as they fished they thought about how the waves and wind raging against the other side of the small cape were close, but were it not for the sound of the waves crashing … Continue reading

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Two Thousand Words in Twenty Minutes Once more

Once more I engage in racing the clock and I’m not certain as to why. I thought this would be a good idea but it seems that I had deceived myself and now I’m wondering as to how I go … Continue reading

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Malabar Path

One of many in Malabar, and one of very, very few I’ve walked along in said area. This one is really straightforward and runs through a small bit of coastline. It had rained shortly before arriving but the clouds were … Continue reading

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