One Thousand Word Challenge 194: A Fishing Day Ends

They sat there and they fished, and as they fished they thought about how the waves and wind raging against the other side of the small cape were close, but were it not for the sound of the waves crashing they’d seem far more distant. They thought about a lot of things whilst they waited for the first catch of the day to bite and they appreciated their surroundings.

Gradually the clouds seemed to clear, though perhaps they were just heading elsewhere for the time being. Much like the waves on this side of the cape, the sky became gentle in its appearance, though they wondered if it was like that outside of their view.

Gradually the wind died down, as did the waves and the sounds of people going about their daily activities reached their ears and they found a bit more peace than usual.

After a while they wondered if there were any fish in the area for there had been no bites. It seemed odd to them though as the bay was often plentiful on a day like this. When all was good you could cast anywhere in the bay and catch something with little, if any difficulty. The village had always made sure to limit their catch as, whilst they weren’t in the worst position for having supplies imported, they weren’t in the best either. They had to make sure to not over-fish so as to ensure that stock remained plentiful for themselves and for those staying at the inn during their travels. Besides which, they wanted to make sure that the bay stayed healthy and so they were careful about what they took.

They considered the fact that maybe it wasn’t the best day for fishing and perhaps they should have placed some traps instead, but it was a little too late and so they continued on. After a while longer, however, they started to wonder if they had cast their spell of charming bait incorrectly and so reeled in.

The bait had mostly fallen off, leaving very little. They removed what remained and grumbled as they threw it back in the water, then threaded a new bit of bait in the way to cast the charm spell once more, then cast their line again. They then returned to waiting and their thoughts, and eventually through no attempt fell asleep.

They had been asleep for perhaps fifteen minutes before they woke up and found that the sky had changed. What was once growing blue was now dark and heavy, and the winds once more were forceful. They looked to beyond the bay’s entrance and saw a storm rapidly approaching. They preferred to not get soaked and so they reeled in their line, packed everything up and made their way back to their abode. Unfortunately they were not quick enough and the storm reached them before they left the rock platforms and so they ducked into an alcove, thinking that they could wait out the afternoon shower.

As they sat there, waiting and hoping they would dry sooner rather than later, they wondered if any wildlife would come looking for food. Perhaps it would keep them company; perhaps it would be defensive. They wondered about a lot of things and hoped the rain would stop soon, for it was thick and heavy and there was little visibility.

As they sat there they wondered if perhaps they could cast out from here. There was a slight distance between the alcove and the water but it was not impossible, and so once more they set up their rod and once more they charmed their bait, and once more they cast their line. Despite the heaviness of the rain they were able to get it to the water and so once more they waited for something to bite.

Their focus on trying to catch something helped pass the time, and due to how unrelenting the sound of the rain was the sound eventually moved to the back of their mind. They waited and waited, and they waited some more until eventually they felt a bite, and perhaps something hooked onto the line.

They knew that they had to go out into the rain to reel in what was on the line, and in getting up the sound of the rain came roaring back into their focus. It almost was deafening and it startled them, but they continued out of the alcove anyway.

They stood there in the rain, wondering about the one catch they might have. They weren’t sure if they’d eat it or sell it, or if they’d provide it to the inn or to the researchers in the area. At this point they just wanted to have something to take back with them. They reeled in their line and soon found that, once more, their bait was mostly gone.

They stood there in the rain and felt defeated by the experience, but there was nothing they could do about it except go back into the alcove, grab their things and finish the rest of the trek in the rain. They’d get even more wet but at least they could dry off when they got home.

Before they turned around they saw something in the water. It was large and it didn’t seem like a fish they recognised as belonging to the bay. It had an odd shape, being relatively flat and almost like a wide board. Before it disappeared a small pectoral could be made out, as well as dorsal that, relative to the pectoral, was long.

They were surprised to see what they thought was a mola, let alone in this area and weather. They wondered what it meant, if it meant anything at all.

After a while they remembered they were in the rain. They went back to the alcove, packed everything and quickly made their way back to their abode. They dried off and, once comfortable, stared out into the unrelenting rain and lighting.

The time it took to write one thousand words: 30:09:38

I wanted to continue this bit of writing but I feel what I wrote here was too long. Then I rushed at the end and so the result is really uneven.

This is part of the worldbuilding thing I’m doing and so there’s a bit more of the things I want to do with that here. Trying to work out how things fit and what they are.

If anything from this carries forward, then timing-wise this would be around the time of this. Also trying to work out where this would fit, if any of it would fit at all.

I hope you enjoy.

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