Five-Hundred Word Challenge 1153: A Heavy Storm

A heavy rainfall had reached the shore and it had reached beyond the top of the hill.
An inn nestled somewhere between, but closer to the shore was bearing the brunt of the heaviness, but all who were inside were fine. Some travelers were still making their way toward the inn – it was a popular resting place on a long journey and it was conveniently located – and those who refused to give up and set up camp in some crevice or against a rock face made it soaking wet on this particular day.

Thankfully the inn was dry and it offered plenty of space to warm up and rest, and it offered a space that was friendly and inviting, as was expected.

When the rainfall came in it was light – as rain often initially is – but only for a few moments before it became heavy. Those going about their business didn’t have much time to get into their houses before they were caught in the deluge, but all were able to make it in some state of saturation. As such, there were fewer residents at the inn on this particular evening than there normally would on this particular weekday, but the atmosphere still held fast.

The rain beat down mercilessly and the winds whipped at what they could but the inn held fast and it was not enough to stop merriment from coming through. Food and drink were plenty and perhaps it was due to how it seemed like this was an oasis of sorts, though perhaps it really was. It certainly was a safe haven from the elements, and even though the region was fairly safe, from any dangerous wildlife moving through.

In comfort and safety all the visitors that were there were willing to let their hair down a little more than usual. They didn’t have to worry about all the regular dangers they faced; they were safe. However, the ocean seemed to churn and heave in a way that it had not in a long time, and the storm was not letting up. Had anyone been looking out some of the windows and they would have seen this, but they did not. They didn’t see the odd form the ocean seemed to take and they didn’t see its awfulness.

Gradually lightning and thunder increased in frequency, and as it increased people at the inn began to notice. Cracks and tears across the sky would appear for brief moments, leaving marks that were never there, and they kept on happening. Slowly, yet surely silence fell over the inn as they bore witness to the spectacle. Through all the rain’s heaviness and the ocean’s violence the lighting remained clear, and its overwhelming sight cast its spell.

The storm was not willing to be silent, but silence hung in the air. It took the words from everyone as they remained in that space, fixated on what they were witnessing. The storm was heavy and loud, and the silence was unrelenting.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 14:42:65

Slow and rough and once more that’s fine. Probably could’ve written faster but I’m still feeling out some ideas for this thing that I’m doing and hopefully it develops into something further.

Anyway, rough but I think I got an idea, albeit a really vague one, about a minor portion of setting and that’s fine. I think.

Written at home.

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