Solaris: The Black Mariah

I was hoping to pull more imagery or at least some sort of writing more influenced by what I was hearing. Instead describing the song reigned supreme and I think I did alright in places. Could be better; could be worse.

I did a bit of looking into the term ‘Black Mariah’ and it turns out it’s slang for a police van.
There also appears uncertainty around the term’s origin, though I imagine how it came to be is likely due to disagreeable actions.

Solaris’ “The Black Mariah” is from Solaris.

I hope you enjoy.

A beat loops and quickly moves into the background. Synth and bass move along with it and there seems to be a sense of sneakiness. The bass keeps along with the rhythm whilst the synth seems to look and search around before stretching and compressing.

A brief pause before the bass, percussion and guitar lock into each other with a sense of tension and urgency. The rhythm holds steady whilst the  guitar becomes noise in the background. Some noise also finds itself in the foreground and soon there is pressure.

Suddenly the sounds move into a galloping thrust and the pressure remains. Danger is there and the synth returns, almost guiding and controlling the direction of movement.

Another shift and that opening synth and beat returns. The bass remains and connects its parts together rather than holds space. However, the beat and bass pull away before long and the synth begins to seemingly unravel. Rather than find conclusion, however, a thread continues on, sailing through a space and finds a sudden stop as the song ends.

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