Five-Hundred Word Challenge 1162: A Fishing Day Commences

It was the dawn of a new day and it was another day of fishing. Sometimes it was readily embraced and sometimes it seemed like it was an unwilling engagement, but regardless fishing was what needed to be done and so fishing was what was going to happen on that particular day.

Clouds drifting on above, some covering the sky more than others, but they remained steady in their movement and almost uniform in spacing. Soon they would blot out all of the sky, but for now there was enough for it to feel strangely pleasant.

Winds were strong and so it was too dangerous to fish on one side of the small cape. Normally there would be no issue, even in some rough weather, but on this particular day the waves were breaking violently across the rock platforms. Thankfully in the bay on the other side of the cape the waves were much more gentle, though the ocean roaring on the other side remained audible and a strong reminder of the possibility of the safety shifting faster than desired.

They had woken up early and lay in bed for a while, trying to work out as to when the best time to go out would be when dawn had finally arrived. It was then that they decided the best time to go would be sooner rather than later so they got up, gathered their things and headed on out.

Their walk was not a long one, something of which they were thankful of. Their small, yet sturdy abode sat on a gentle and mostly flat part of a hill and it gave them a good view of part of the island and the water beyond. It also was low enough for them to be able to get to and from the bay in a short amount of time and with a good deal of ease to boot. They never had to carry too much with them and so their gear lasted a little longer than for some as it was only taken out when required.

They found what they felt was a good spot to sit for a good few hours and set themselves up. Whilst the water was calmer, some of the wind was still felt, but they still felt safe enough where they were; far enough along the small cape’s base to have access to water sufficiently deep, but not so far they were risking exposure.

They began casting a charm spell on their first bit of bait by threading the bait on the hook in a certain way. It was something they had learned how to do many years prior and it was something they’d become quite good at doing, but occasionally they struggled and sometimes they wondered about the spell’s effectiveness. On this particular day they were able to thread the bait fine and so, even though they were tired, they were able to get into the swing of things without facing too much difficulty.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 13:53:68

I feel like this is too short but I was concerned about dragging out what I was writing, hence the stopping where I stopped.

This is some more worldbuilding stuff. Slowly working on it and just getting things out in rough form. I’ve been thinking about what forms magic would take, if there indeed would be any magic at all, but that’s not as much of a priority as other things. Some of my idea on magic is here but as it’s not concrete I don’t know if its light representation will factor into anything beyond this bit of writing.

There’s a bit of description at the start but this doesn’t go into much of anything and that’s probably not good for reading. Oh well.

The other things I’ve written that are involved in this worldbuilding are here and here.

Written at home.

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