Five-Hundred Word Challenge 1160: Thinking About Frogs

Sitting here like a frog, but I don’t quite know how frogs sit. I have an idea but that is merely an idea; I don’t know how they sit.

How do frogs sit? Do they sit the same way on different objects, or do they change the way they sit depending on what object they are on? I imagine it’s the latter as different things have different weight tolerance thresholds and so could change how a frog would sit on them, but I have no idea. I didn’t study frogs and frog behaviour. I know a very small amount of information about frogs, but it’s very general stuff.

There once was a frog in my bathroom and neither my partner nor myself could work out how it got in there. We guessed it came up from the toilet, but that’s the best we could guess. It didn’t seem likely that it came into the house and then made its way to the bathroom, though that too is possible. Anyway, we put it in a container and released it outside as there wasn’t much, if anything in the way of food for it in the bathroom. It was easy to capture and so it was easy to release, and it was just sitting on the floor, though maybe it was standing and it looked like it was sitting.

To be honest, I seldom, if ever think about frogs but I do enjoy hearing them when I’m out somewhere. Sometimes I wonder if I’m actually hearing crickets though. I’m sure the sounds are more distinct than I realise and sometimes I feel I’m certain when I hear something that it’s a frog and not a cricket.

Anyway, frogs are something that I appreciate hearing when I’m in certain places. It reminds me to think about how diverse habitat and environment can be, especially when we are caught by surprise by something we did not expect to see or hear in certain areas. Of course these things could be one-off or highly irregular, but even so it still prompts thinking about what we see and hear and experience.

These things helps us think more about the world we inhabit and our immediate surrounds and so it’s a good thing, I think. I think it’s good to think about these things as it means we’re considering our surrounds more, and perhaps if we’re thinking about that, we’re thinking about how to better look after said surrounds, as well as be more involved in what I hope is a more practical and positive way.

There’s a lot of nature out there in small and large pockets and there are a lot of organisms, and sometimes we see and hear frogs in places we don’t think about them existing within, and it’s nice. It’s nice to experience that as it shows we still have a lot to learn and a lot to think about. It can reshape how we view things, even if a small amount.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 08:49:78

There was a bit of active thinking that went into this but the direction of writing happened with little, if any active coercion and I like that. Not exactly a smooth writing but I feel the way it progressed is pretty logical and clear.

Written at home.

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