Masayoshi Soken: Limitless Blue

I kind of threw myself into this one. There isn’t much going on in it and I imagine that was the intent. This is something I don’t often like writing about as I tend to get a bit stuck but it worked here. There were parts where I was thinking more than necessary but overall I didn’t get bogged down and I didn’t feel as though I was stalling.

Most of this is just description of the song itself which is fine. I cover it well enough, I think. There were bits here that were more influenced by the song’s title than how it sounded and I feel those are interwoven well enough.

Masayoshi Soken’s (祖堅正慶) “Limitless Blue” (“果てなき蒼 ~蛮神ビスマルク前哨戦~”) is from Heavensward: Final Fantasy XIV Original Soundtrack. It’s the soundtrack for Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward, the first expansion pack for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, as well as patch 3.1 which I believe came after the expansion pack. The soundtrack was composed predominantly by Soken but it also features contributions from other composers.

I hope you enjoy.

Beat starts whilst synth oscillates around the bass. It almost seems as though the percussion is spilling out and splintering and unable to stay steady but it remains steady and firm and driving. Something akin to strings comes in and draws low and seems to glide on up, though maybe it is surfacing and it falls away soon enough.

The beat drops away for a moment; it continues but it remains bare and minimal. Then the bass drops off before everything picks back up. The strings come back and slowly guide through everything as the rush continues. All bolt forward and fly and swim and shoot along with a great sense of speed and thrust.

Once more the beat drops away and once more the bass drops away and once more all resumes and it continues on. Tension could be there; it could not, but it doesn’t matter for the coolness of an expansive environment is summoned and the beat continues its steadiness, as does the bass and the oscillating synth. The strings continue their soft gliding around and its almost as though there is an anchor point around the percussion and all is following that. Maybe there is no unison and it just seems like there is, but it doesn’t matter and all continue on as they fade out and the song ends.

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