Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays: It’s For You

I think I was looking more at imagery and mood than describing what was going on. Not sure if I did well, but I think that this is one of the better things in this series that I’ve written thus far.

It’s an easy read, I think. Probably could use some cleaning up, but it’s relatively smooth for one listen of the song, I think.

I first heard “It’s For You” in 2014. It was a few months after getting dumped and I was listening to Fine Music fm. It wasn’t long before I acquired the album the song is on, but it took a while before I listened to any of the others on said album.

Pat Metheny & Lyle Mays’ “It’s For You” is from As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls.

I hope you enjoy.

A flowing melody, finding itself gently carried in a breeze and over a vast landscape.
The first sounds of synth come out and rise as the guitar keeps on strumming away. A sense of perhaps pensiveness creeps in for a moment, but the music keeps on going. There is a sense of perhaps longing here and sentimentality. There’s something that may be getting left behind, though perhaps what it represents is a return.

Sounds move around each other and fill space, but keep things spaced. There’s no cluttering. There seems as though there may be a build, but it all suddenly pulls back. Perhaps it is now dark, or at least some deeper looking inward. It’s all quieter in a sense. Lying low. Keeping things quiet, but also more emphasised. Deliberate.

A voice adds harmony and the synth responds. Melody builds up in greater quantity and, whilst there remains a sadness and longing, this is still in a stage of working things out. Determination remains. In comes a brighter day.

The song lifts up and finds itself enjoying the moment whilst also looking forward. The song is moving in a direction, through the landscape, dancing about and embracing the past without letting that be a weight. It has found a greater joy than at the start.

A solo continues on throughout this newfound joy, and whilst it does have attention, it is only slightly more than the other instrumentation. The solo is working; it is weaving a tapestry with the other sounds and it is helping to tell the story. It shows motion and mood in equal measure and lets itself be as guided by the other instruments as it does its own lead.

The sounds all work toward something and keep it all sounding light and uplifting, but it all eventually fades out; not too soon and not too late, but at the right moment.

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  1. Teresa says:

    Those are hubby’s favourite musicians!

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