One Thousand Word Challenge 122: Objects

Morning. It is morning. I am writing this in the morning. I am expressing that I am writing this in the morning. Of course this adds nothing to what will follow, but sometimes you need to set the scene. Sometimes you need to paint the medium.

However, there is no painting here and I am not a painter; well, not right now, at least. However, that “however” is beside the point.

Now that I have said that, I shall start pointing at things and describing them in a particular way so as to be able to further create imagery that sticks, or something. This is what I am assuming I will do, as I am going to do it so that there is more of an image and therefore spatial relations can be formed in some manner, even though the spatial relations are entirely up to the person thinking up the image and not to me, for I am not going to describe distance; I am just going to describe things that are around me. From there, it is all up to you and not I.

Probably the first thing that I should describe is the things that are directly in front of my presence when considering my presence as being oriented as being central to myself and the direction I am facing being “forward”.

In front of me there are objects. These objects display other objects, but the objects displayed on the objects are not so much objects as they are a visual representation of objects. Still, in being a representation of objects they too are objects in their own way, shape and form. Sometimes these objects change and sometimes they disappear. There are occasions where they may reappear. Sometimes there are no objects displayed on the objects. However, they remain as objects, or at least visual representations of objects.

A little to my left based on the forward-facing direction of forward there are other objects. There are also some to the right of my being. In fact, one might say that this desk is covered in a few varying objects and some are more distinct than others, such as the objects that allow you to plug other things into them, thus creating a channel for electricity to travel through in order to infuse one thing with the electricity so that it can be charged up so that it can serve a function that I might require later. I don’t know if I will, but that certainly is a possibility, so yeah.

Some of the other objects serve no purposes other than to be there and that is fine by me. sometimes it is not fine and I desire to have the objects serve a greater purpose, but right now it is fine and that is what I am sticking to here. I don’t want to think about that too much as that will mean that I will question my thinking on this thing a little too much which might just lead to further issues and complications, so therefore I need to stick to this thinking and then walk away from the whole thing so I can get back on with living my life to the fullest.

Some of the objects serve a purpose and require no source of power and that is something I greatly appreciate as it means that I need not worry about them more often than I need to worry about them when it comes to being powered up. They’re not powered up and they need no powering up. They need no source of electricity and therefore there is no preparation that goes into their use other than the preparing to use them without having to worry about needing to use electricity to use them.

There are some objects that are small and these ones are mostly near other objects that are small. When put together they form what is known as “clutter” and there is a fair bit of clutter at certain parts of my desk. This is of course annoying, though not always. It is only annoying sometimes, so that’s okay. It could always be worse and because it always being able to be worse, I am glad that it is not and therefore put the clutter to the side where it can be even more cluttering. However, I am sure that, given enough time, the clutter will take over the desk and I’ll have a new layer of desk to work with. I am not sure if this is a good thing, but for now it is a thing and therefore it is something I need to keep in mind until I forget about it once more.

Some of the items on my desk display images in them. Some of these images are in the shapes of words and therefore they allow themselves to be read as they are images that I created through the power of using another object to conjure the images that then appear in the other objects. This is not something that happens often, however, as there are always other things that need doing, such as using some things to illuminate the dark and using some things to darken the light, but of course these all come and go in cycles, much like the passage of time.

They help to delineate moments and these moments then spread forward and create their own canvass of which new objects may spring forward from, but there is no telling on some days and so all continues on with a certain level of regularity that is difficult to perceive, but not always. It is only sometimes when it is difficult to perceive and that being sometimes is better than never, so therefore…

So anyway, there are objects on my desk and I feel as though I am done talking about them, so I’m going to start doing other things now as there are other things that need some level of doing done.

The time it took to write one thousand words: 12:32:85

Faster than some other recent stuff.

There was a bit of promise in this one, but I think I didn’t quite follow through.
Oh well.

Also, this ended up being shared here a number of hours after it was written, so yeah.

Written at home.

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