These New Puritans: Spiral

I’m not sure if I covered “Spiral” well with the below. I think I aptly descirbed parts of the song, but overall I’m not sure.

These New Puritans’ “Spiral” is from Field of Reeds.

I hope you enjoy.

Warm brass cast a grand murmur. It is textured and it is quiet. Quickly though from that quiet emerges voices sounding as though they are being pulled and cast in specific directions. They seem tethered to it all and as though they are fanning and swaying.

Other sounds here and there come in and out, emphasising, pressing in and letting go and slowly everything seems to swirl into unison. Other voices come in and utter something recognisable as words but it seems to go by really quickly. It doesn’t but it seems that way. Perhaps it is due to its quiet clarity.

Suddenly sounds seem to dip into a sense of deep darkness, but only for a moment before they return to their main proceeding, and now in this quiet all seems more choral. It seems grander than before but it is the same. It is unchanging.

Everything stops and starts again, and there’s more peace here. There’s more relaxation, but also the sounds are more taut. Almost rhythmic in their flowing. A voice moves in an angled manner, walking among the sound and reaching for some sort of sense of beauty, though maybe it is a slow violence.

Woodwind moves carefully as it is met with other sounds and soon they move in turns before moving together again, albeit at different speeds, and they alternate and a heaviness is there, but it’s gentle and it’s lovely. The moment is tender and small. It slowly reveals itself and as it does it seems to grow smaller and more pure, and it ends on a brief note and the song ends.

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