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A Poem About Trying to Force Something Out

This is pretty¬† much as it is. I was trying to think of something and nothing came so I wrote about trying to force something out when I’ve nothing. The result isn’t anything good, but it works. I hope you … Continue reading

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Ryota Kozuka: If You Wish To Live, Take My Hand

This is another one that I did over three listens. It’s a short song and it doesn’t have much within it, but here it was more about giving me time to write more than it was time to explore, so … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 976: Maze Situation

It’s cold and it’s morning and all of those other things, but I like it being the morning as it means more productivity or something. Maybe. Right now it means that I need to do work for my job involves … Continue reading

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Envy: LAST WISH | Live at LIQUIDROOM Tokyo

A lot of this was knocked out really quickly. Then I sat on what I wrote for a week for some reason. Didn’t do much other than procrastinate until a good part of the last few hours which involved slowly … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 578: Morning Writing

So I woke up early this morning, although that’s no different from usual. Decided I was going to write before going to work rather than attempt to write whilst at work, but in sitting here I’ve realised that I don’t … Continue reading

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Hill and Clouds

In this shot is a view of an area that I love to spend a fair bit of time around. It’s where my favourite beach happens to be located. I don’t often¬†“Wish” for things, but I do sometimes wish that … Continue reading

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