Ryota Kozuka: If You Wish To Live, Take My Hand

This is another one that I did over three listens.
It’s a short song and it doesn’t have much within it, but here it was more about giving me time to write more than it was time to explore, so to speak.

I feel that this captures the song well enough. Some of the writing here is more about the song and some of it is about the scene of which it is a part. Not great writing, but it’s fine enough I feel.

Ryota Kozuka’s (小塚良太) “If You Wish To Live, Take My Hand” (“死にたくなければ手を取れ”) is from the soundtrack for Shin Megami Tensei VShin Megami Tensei V Original Soundtrack.

I hope you enjoy.

Something heavy lands and lets out throbbing waves. Noise pours out as things unfurl and scatter. It is heavy and uncertain but there is no menace. There is shifting and there is shedding in a distortion of what once was.

Soon the noise gives way for voices fading in with ambient sound underneath. They loop and repeat as something grand occurs and reveals itself. From the noise comes a smoothness and that smoothness presents itself as something that is familiar, yet unfamiliar.

The sounds continue to elongate until the last one plays, almost with a slight rumble before the song ends.

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