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One Thousand Word Challenge 14: Plants and Something About Slapping a Marlin Before Going to Sleep.

Here I sit, wondering why I start this with “Here I sit”, as it’s something I’ve probably used far too many times at this point, almost as a force of habit, or lack of better ideas in what to start … Continue reading

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Turon River

Well, some of it, anyway. I took these whilst on the the field trip as, to me, it didn’t look like what could be considered traditionally Australian scenery. Turon River was where one of the gold rushes in Australia happened. … Continue reading

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Regurgitator: Live at The Metro 21/10/2016

First band of the gig, SEIMS, opened the show with a lot of enthusiasm and energy. Despite being firmly rooted in “math rock”, they played an upbeat set that could easily be danced to. They played hard and well, eliciting … Continue reading

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