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Wooden Frame

So many angles! So many lines! There’s a number of patterns here and all from the same material. I think that there’s a sense of the strength and integrity of the structure here. This building has not seen maintenance in … Continue reading

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Interim: Escapism Review

Not sure what I was saying with the “punch and soft” sentence. I think I was meant to say “hard and soft”. A fairly together, if kind of passable review that I wrote for Cool Try. There’s a number of … Continue reading

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A Scream

Another Regurgitator shot. I can’t remember what song this was, but I do have an inkling. I think that this photo is kind of intense. It’s not the kind of shot you normally see when a musician is screaming. Some … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 559: Empire Growing From Earth

There’s a feeling of searching through space in order to find out what is behind the sun, but the thing is we are likely never to know as there are so many factors in play that we cannot know. Still, … Continue reading

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