Daily Archives: May 2, 2019

An Update

Pardon the amount of posts today. Had a bit more in me than usual. A few months ago I mentioned that I’m going to work on cleaning up a few things. Stupidity Hole needs a bit of work and so … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 555: Lost Somewhere in a Forest

Gotta wait for the second caffeine hit to kick in before I can truly go into overdrive and soar well above the canopy crafted by the trees. Need to see the light above, but need the hit to kick in … Continue reading

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Sunrise Silhouette

Another sunrise at Smiths Lake. I think this image is really straightforward. There aren’t many colours and there isn’t a great deal of detail, but I think that helps to make the contrast within the image much more striking. I … Continue reading

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Weird Kind of Hard

A shot taken during Regurgitator’s performance at The Metro last year. There were a bunch of photos taken for Cool Try that, seeing as the zine is now defunct I’m going to share here. This was during Regurgitator’s encore. Peter … Continue reading

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Ben Ely: Strange Tales of Drugs & Lost Love Review

Alright, so this one I wrote really quickly. To be fair, a lot of the reviews I’ve written have been pretty quick, but I’d usually been listening to the album for a week or so before writing. I’m fairly certain … Continue reading

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