Eves The Behavior: Eves The Behavior Review

The eighth review I wrote for Cool Try.

I can remember listening to this EP on the way to work when I was working in St Leonards.

A few months ago I went back to it and listened to it for a few seconds. Just a bit of a skip through.

Parts of the EP have occasionally popped back into my head since writing the review; hence my going back to have a quick listen.

To me this review reads more like a series of initial points to flesh out.

Oh well.

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Anyway, I hope you enjoy.


Eves The Behavior has recently released Eves The Behavior.
So… here’s the review.

“TV”, “Electrical”, and “Digging” all are quite lush and relaxing, having a mostly low-key sound. Whilst they mostly move through verse/chorus/verse, they don’t feel as though they peak at any particular point, keeping the mood consistent and as a result they flow with a good deal of ease.

There are points where this does change slightly (The partially spoken sections of “TV” and “Digging” being the most obvious). However, they are long enough to add something extra without becoming overwhelming.

The remix of “TV” is neither here nor there.
It sounds alright but it sounds more as though it was intentionally designed to be club friendly rather than a reinterpretation of the song.
This isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
However, it doesn’t feel as though it belongs here and comes off as filler as a result.

The vocals, whilst confident, are much more subdued than they could have been.
This is beneficial as they aren’t overpowering everything and as they’re based around lyrics that aren’t cheesy or awkward, they compliment the songs quite well.

Eves The Behavior is okay.
It sounds as though there was a desire to experiment but this was held back on.
Aside from a few small moments, this results in a straightforward pop affair.
However, it does show promise for the young artist.
The songs are well-written and they work as an introduction.
It will be interesting to see what direction(s) are taken from here.

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