Five-Hundred Word Challenge 694: Mysterious Tunnel

Through the fields and under the sky there was a tunnel. Where this tunnel led, few people knew as it appeared one day and seemed ominous enough to make people uncomfortable about the idea of going anywhere near it. As such, they ignored it and pretended it was not there most of the time.

However, this tunnel had nothing ominous about it, for it was just the result of a small creature tunneling its way under the surface, doing its thing. It was looking for something. It was probably food that this creature was looking for, though we’re going to pretend that we can’t really hazard a guess as that makes the story more interesting, but only in this particular scenario, though I’m sure there are plenty of other scenarios where the same applies, but I digress.

And so it was tunneling and looking for something mysterious. Soil was constantly tossed aside and digging remained steady. The creature was unable to be stopped other than under its own will, which is the way it was to be. It was a voracious little digger and this led to great results when it came to tunnel length.

On the outside, before people pretended the tunnel did not exist, many awaited to see if something would come out of it. It was large, though not large enough for someone to go into it and they could not dig around it due to a great deal of rocks surrounding its entrance. Of course, nothing came. It was just there, sitting, mouth open and full of dark.

The creature kept going deeper, passing by various sediments that were found in the layers of which it was moving through. Eventually it stopped moving downward as the risk of structural collapse from pressure was too great for it to ignore. Instinctually it felt that it could not go further. Whether it could or not is another story, but right now that does not matter as it is not important to this particular story. What is important is that this little critter of digging prowess turned around and started digging away from the down direction, still looking for something.

Eventually on the outside people stopped pretending the tunnel was not there and tried to send devices in to work out where the tunnel led. Due to the length of time since its first discovery, all they saw was a great length with a lot of disturbed soil. They could not get anything along far enough to be able to see where it ended.

The tunnel began to cause a strong sense of discomfort to the people and so they covered its entrance in the hopes that it could be forgotten and grown over by the area’s vegetation.

Inside the tunnel the creature kept on digging away, trying to find whatever it was that it was looking for. It didn’t need an open entrance all the time. It was more than happy to create a new one when necessary.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 08:43:19

I started off thinking of writing something nonsensical. A few sentences in I tried to work in the idea of two different stories kind of related to each other. The idea came across, but the execution is lacking, I think.

Most of this feels like a smooth read (I think), but I don’t feel as though it is strong enough a piece of writing.

Written at home.

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