One Thousand Word Challenge 52: The Case

Alright, so where it all starts is at the beginning. sometimes it is not the beginning as to where something starts, but in this case we are pretending that where it all starts is at the beginning. It is better for the case of whatever this is, but of course the case is already formed and inside of its body is nothing at the moment other than its own interior. Soon it may contain something more, but at the moment there is nothing; such is the case of the case and it is up to us all to accept this matter as it currently stands.

I think that, in knowing that we can see that even though there is nothing other than itself inside of itself, we can accept that that still constitutes something and from there we are able to expand and explore what it is that constitutes the case of the case. Of course this all means that there will be a lot of questions and a lot of rambling. There may be the tracking of the sides, but then again perhaps instead of all of that the subject at hand will be addressed with little issue and we’ll all be able to go on our merry way and into the further depths of exploration and rumination so as to divine the nature of the case as the case is something that must be examined and observed in whatever ways possible, as that is the way that this will all go down.

However, what few, if any seem to realise is that the case is nothing more than a case. It has an interior, an exterior and often can act as a receptacle for objects of varying forms. It did once have a beginning but it no longer exists in that state. It just exists and does what it needs to do in the way that it needs to do it.

So, in knowing all of that now, the true inspection of the case can begin, but perhaps even before that there needs to be more examination of other things, such as the seams (assuming that it has seams, of course). The materials are yet to be known and this is key information, for in knowing the material, the durability can be estimated. If the durability can be estimated, then surely it is easier to understand as to what the case can and cannot handle. In knowing that, then perhaps it can be known as to what can be put into the cas3e and in knowing that the object reaches its full utility.

It is possible that, in knowing what it can handle, there will be many attempts to overload it as much as possible. The case might strain, but it will handle what it can for a while. However, due to the pressures induced it will eventually begin to break and fall apart. Of course then the case will be blamed for its inability to handle more than it is designed to handle and thus promptly replaced.

Eventually the case would wear out, but there is a big difference in wearing it out unnecessarily and having it wear out over a time. A case looked after is a case that will hold. Often it will hold together so long that it could be decades before it needs replacement, and even then instead of a replacement it might just need a quick repair. Maybe it came faulty, but of course in those instances it can still be fixed or replaced.

But of course those who overload their cases when knowing how it affects them care more about how far they can strain something for their benefit before it breaks more than they do about handling with care and as such they shall not be included within the discussion and examination of the case as they will seldom provide anything productive to the conversation. Sometimes cases do need to be pushed a bit further, but those instances are few and far between. They aren’t every possible moment.

Instead the people who will actually try and understand the case and its interior and what it all means and how it is made and its purpose will be included. There will be room for questioning and challenging the arguments put forward, but the ultimate goal is to reach a singular consensus agreed upon. There will be the measuring of objects and the checking of the materials. There will be the sizing up of the shape and there will be the wondering of how it was that the shape the case is in was decided as the most optimal shape for its intended purpose.

Perhaps all the thinking and ruminating and examining and exploration and testing will not lead to any form of conclusion, but instead more questions than anyone could hope to address in a period of time afforded for the addressing of those questions that would have arisen from the whole affair. It is possible, but that cannot be treated as a deterrent as the case is in the present and the group is there to try and learn about the case and what it could contain, though all it seems to contain at the current moment is its own self.

Perhaps they do not know that at this current juncture in time, but given enough time and they will learn that too, though to get enough time they will have to petition for more time as the case, whilst seemingly plain, remains rather more interesting to this group than they initially expected, though it is difficult to tell what they were initially expecting. Apparently it wasn’t much.

There will be the consideration of how its beginning began, though it will become readily apparent that it had one and that is where it started and its beginning is more humble than expected and is actually less important than first believed; at least, in the case of this case, that is.

The time it took to write one thousand words: 17:15:83

Slower than I thought I’d be, but faster than the twenty minute time on these word lengths.

I’m not quite sure as to what it is that is being expressed here; well, aside from one thing, that is.

This feels like there was a potential thought experiment that I veered away from.

Written at home.

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