One Thousand Word Challenge 53: Pressure and Journeys

There’s a pressure building up inside. It’s building but soon it will see its release, but not right now as right now the pressure has to go on the journey in order tor each its release. Right now it’s just building. It’s gestating, as some might say. Once it has reached a point where it can travel without outside assistance, that is when it must head on the journey of which it will head on in order to finds its release.

Before then it is all learning and growing and adapting to its surroundings. Tiny pressures do often need to grow big, after all. It takes time, but what is a long amount of time to a tiny pressure is often a short amount of time to a person.

But of course it grows and adapts and learns and eventually it must begin the journey that it needs to undertake in order to get to its release. It isn’t necessarily the hero’s journey, but it is a journey nonetheless. There are many forms of journeying and this just so happens to be one of those forms. To be honest, I wouldn’t be able to tell you as to which kind of journey it happens to be, but it does happen to be one of them. That is the way of the journey, though perhaps the journey does not have a way. Perhaps the journey is meandering and aimless and truly the path is what is left in the wake of traversal and not the thing that you follow, even though there are some journeys that involve following a path.

Perhaps there are some journeys that have no path and no thing that is left in the wake and thus require ruminating upon them a bit more deeply than usual, though perhaps that ruminating is not actually that much of a deep thing. Perhaps. It is possible that many journeys out there don’t require much thought at all as we may deceive ourselves into believing that it’s easy to come to the conclusion of the meaning of action and reaction. In some situations it often is, but it’s quite possible that more often than not that is not the case and we just don’t think deeply enough about what it is that we do, where we go and what we leave behind us in order to keep on moving forward.

Perhaps the idea of a journey is one that is best not thought about too often anyway and we need to change what it is that we are and are not thinking about when it comes t o the idea of the journey. Perhaps we need to rethink the whole thing. Tear it all down and rebuild and see what it is that comes out. Quite possible that if we do indeed need to do something like that we will come back to establishing the idea of the journey as it once was. That always is a possibility, but… well… I don’t really know as to what I’m going on about at the moment.

This all started off as the idea of writing about pressure in some sort of semi-anthropomorphised form in that I was trying to impose the idea of human-like actions on something that is not human-like, though certainly can come about from human action or lack thereof. I don’t know as to why I thought about doing so this morning, but it was something that I wanted to work on and tease out, but instead of doing so I got a bit sidetracked there and now I’m racing on toward an end and feeling a sense of pressure building that I want to release so as to be able to go back to doing other things. I need to work on a few things right now and realistically I could drop all this and go do that which needs the doing, but instead I’m seeing this through to completion as whilst this is probably not worth the time to write (or read), it still is something that I started and sometimes it is interesting to see as to where these things end. Also I feel a sense of pressure on this little journey, so once this is over that is the end of one journey and one form of pressure and then onto new ones as that is the way this morning is going, or something.

Perhaps I will drop all of this and it won’t be read by anyone, but I don’t think that will be the case as inevitably I will see this pushed out and thrown into The Internet abyss as that is how I often do things, but right now I’m not expecting any bites, though I do like the idea of the imagery of fishing in this case. Perhaps not quite appropriate, but you get the idea.

It’s all about throwing things against a wall and seeing what sticks, but of course once it sticks the thing needs further development so it can fully form. Well, they don’t. They could just be left there. That is always an acceptable form, but it doesn’t mean that any of it will be good. Probably better to develop things further in a lot of cases, but not all cases. Need to know when to and when not to, which I guess is in a sense a journey of its own, depending on how much you want to think of something as a journey.

Right now I’m on a journey of writing and I’m putting myself under undue pressure, but soon it will need to follow a path in order to find itself released and off into something else as pressures manifest in different ways and in different forms. They quite often change and shift around, but remain constant in many ways. I guess that is one of the things about pressures that make them what they are, though the same could be said for many things.

The time it took to write one thousand words: 14:56:98

This is a rambling mess. I think I have an idea as to what I was exploring (other than what is surface, of course), but it could have been said in far less words.

Written at home.

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