Five-Hundred Word Challenge 728: Thinking About Stuff

Shoulder itchy, as well as head, so need to do a bit of scratching to relieve the itch. Need to get on the proverbial ball and need to roll my way to whatever target I am aiming for. Thinking about it, it seems that moving on a ball by rolling the ball in order to get to the target of which I am aiming to reach might be a bit impractical when it comes to motivations requiring efficiency, so perhaps it would be better to get off the ball and just walk. I’m not good at standing on spheres and using the power of the muscles in my body to manipulate my feet and legs in a manner that allows the ball to roll in the direction I want whilst maintaining both momentum and balance, so… yeah; walking is the much more optimal way to proceed and reach the target of which I am so desiring to reach.

Well, off the proverbial ball I go and onto the proverbial pathway using the power of my legs in order to conduct locomotion in the direction of forward I go, and what a way to go it just so happens to be.

Now that I think about it, how often does one think about the act of walking and what needs to be done in order to walk? How often do we think of people who are unable to walk and how they get around? What do they need to do in order to move in a direction? What muscles and (or) neurons do they need to manipulate in order to go in a direction? Can they do that, or do they need to rely on others to do so? How often do we think about what it is that we need to do in order to do anything? It always seems so simple (and I guess it all is, to some extent), but perhaps it is a rather complex set of instructions that need to be processed in order to have the desired action carried out in a way that makes sense to the person carrying it out.

I guess it’s not something that we really think about as for most people there is no need to think about all the complexities and intricacies that go into making someone move forward. You don’t really think about how to go about going in a direction; You just do.

There are probably many things out there that most people have no need to think about on a level other than strictly surface, but I think it is interesting to do so and see how much you can think about the things that are done each day that are taken for granted. Thinking about how things go together, how parts of the body are manipulated in order to achieve something… these certainly are things I think are interesting. I also think that they’re worth thinking about, as it can help with increasing our understanding.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 07:28:54

Happy with the speed.

I wasn’t expecting this to end the way it did.
It doesn’t get as deep as I would like, but I’m still happy with the result.
A bit rough in parts, but has a simple, yet strong point behind it… I hope.

Written at home.


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